The idea, how does it born?

Catrineta is a canned fish brand that born with the idea of adding value to one of the most representative Galician products.

Products, what do we offer?

we take care to our providers, involved in the preservation of traditional fishing arts, transmiting to the product the care of a full life dedicated to their work.

Canned fish in Galicia

Catrineta wants to highlight overall the quality of this product, making a selection between small industries from Galicia working on artisan way, with a careful production and with products from our country.

Cultural events

Catrineta, taking into consideration its value in the society, often organizes cultural events in its place, so if you have any cultural proposal and you don’t have where to place it, please, contact us at!.


From Galicia, and with the idea of going on with a long tradition at selecting the best quality fish and seafood, Catrineta&Cia presents their products, consider by many people as the best canned fish around the world.
This qualification is based on quality and also thanks to small details that makes the difference; handle packaging; processing and canning one by one by hand. For this reason, from Catrineta we recommend to consume our product directly from the can. Appreciating in this way the artisan work that women from canned fish industry are doing for many generations, in an almost two centuries tradition.

Enjoy your meal!

Consult and download  the product catalog Catrineta


Schedule Catrineta:
Mornings of Monday to Saturday:
10:30 to 14:30
Afternoons of Monday to Friday:
17:30 to 20:30

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